Hello people!
This day has been so stressful because we had so much to do. But it was totaly worth it. We started our day with a really good breakfast. The main meal is the breakfast and this breakfast was so good. Because it was not like swedish breakfast becuase when we have school we don't have time to do a real breakfast. It always end with a sandwich and a glass of milk. But I took a pitchure on the breakfest because I want to make you guys jealous. Haha, I'm just kidding! But this was our breakfast:
The breakfast tasted really good and our day started good to!

After the breakfast we took a taxi to the famous hollywood sign in the mountains. It was really nice. The weather was so beautiful and it was a really nice attraction. It was cool. But you must be very close to the sign and get the feeling to walk up in the mountains. But it had been more powerful if you walked up in the mountains and it would be more different. I hope some day I will walk up in the mounatins!
After we had visit the hollywood sign we was really hungry so we took a taxi to a restaurant called Twin Palms. The person who own the restaurant is Kevin Costner's ex-wife. The place was absolutely wonderful because it was full of palm trees that fronted the terrace roof. It was green and natural. It was many menus, so it was much to choose. We ordered twin palms chopped salad. It tasted really good!
When we was eating it was a live recording. It was very funny entertainment and relaxing. The prices in the restaurant was good, not too expensive and not too cheap. It was worth to eat in this restaurant, I recommend this place!
The beautiful restaurant.
Twin Palms Chopped Salad!
And now we are in the hotel to change our clothes and about 1 hour we going to Santa Monica. We will spend our afternoon here. We'll go along the very clean beach and watch the sunset and then eat dinner. God so lovely! Now I have to stop writing because I must fix some things, talk to you tomorrow! Bye!

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