In LA!

Hello fellas!
Finally we have arrived in LA, our ears hurts very much because of the long trip. We hope it will be better soon! Even if we heard that the weather is hot in LA this time of the year, we were really surprised. The airport is really big and looks really good.  
We took a taxi to our hotel, a three stared hotel, the hotel is about 5 km away from downtown. The name of the hotel is Hotell Hacienda Hotel & Conference Center LAX. The hotel wasn't so fresh but the mainly thing is that we have a place to sleep at. We aren't going to stay at the hotel so much only when we are going home to sleep. Becuse who wants to sit on the hotel all day when it so much to see outside.
We think that LA is very intresting and we noticed the energi at the streets, the people was very livly and kind. The life in LA seems to be something different than the life we are living in Sweden. Let's see what this city have to afford! We are really excitied and we have waiting for this for a long time.
At the moment we are really tired and need to relax. Tomorrow were going to visit all the famous places which are very famous in LA, we maybe finish our evening with a walk at Santa Monica Beach.
I took one pitchure on our way in the taxi to the hotel.
Talk to you guys later!

At Arlanda Airport

Hey guys! Rawan and Susan here. We're going to blog about our trip to U.S.A, day by day in details. We hope you'll enjoy reading our blog and in that way follow us on our trip! We're going to stay in U.S.A for a month.

We are now sitting in Arlanda Airport in Sweden, waiting for our flight to take off. Since this is the first time traveling without our parents, we are very nervous. It's also our first visit to USA and we have big expectations! We can't wait!

At the moment, we're eating breakfast and our flight will take off in an hour. We'll blog more when we arrive to USA. Talk to you later!