Back to Sweden

Hello guys, we've got a problem..

Our flight was canceled three days ago because it was bad weather in Sweden and no planes would flight, even if it was a problem we were lucky, because we could stay here longer!! =)
So we got really happy, but sometime you have to go back home to Sweden, and today it is.. Sad but true :/
We forgot to tell you what we have done those days, like we said we went to Mango's Tropical Café and it was really funny, haha! Like always Rawan got drunk and I (Susan) took care of her, that girl is craaazy.. The day after we got some tan and in the evening we went to another night club, called Shore Club. We heard that in this club we would see many famous persons (actors, singers) etc..
Can you guys guess who we saw??????
He has been our favorite actor a long time now and btw he is really hot!!!!
We have gained new friends too, they are also from Sweden and they even live in Stockholm like us. We will definitely meet them when we get home!
This trip have been amazing, we love USA and dosen't regret anything of this trip. We are sure that we will come back to this amazing country and maybe in the future move to USA.
Hope you guys have enjoyed our blog on our trip and we want to thank you that you have read our blog. Now it's back to reality, the normal life (sleep, school, study, eat) and repeat..
But we have missed our families really much so it's better to get home now.
Take care!
Susan & Rawan!

Mango's Tropical Cafe

Miami Beach

Shore Club