New York!

There are many attractions in New York. There are literally hundreds of things to do and see here. But what attractions are really worth seeing? Today we decided to learn know the city because it is the first time we are here. We took the hop on hop off bus tour. Rawan's sister recommended us to take the bus the first day of the trip because you get the opportunity to see the city. The bus ride was two hours long but really nice because we sat at the top in the bus. The weather was nice, it was warm, sunny and the wind was blowing a bit. The city is beautiful, we want to move to this city after high school. The town is very lively!
After we seeing the beautiful city we took a walk in Manhattan. We saw a small cart where they sell large pretzels. The people here eat it for breakfast along with a cup of coffee. The accessory to these pretzels are mustard. Yes, mustard. It sounds strange, but it tastes really good.
In the afternoon, we went on the musical lion king one of Broadway's most popular musicals. It felt like we were in Africa in a magical world of all wild animals. The musical was very beautiful and it was fun to see the animals.
Right now we're going to a nightclub with Rawan's sister and her friends, the name of the club is night club tour. I look forward to dancing the night away and drink good cocktails. Now we're going out, have a nice evening people!

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