Day 2: New York!

Good morning peeps!
What a amazing city, we love it! Today/tonight are going to be a looooong and hilarious day! We just woke up and Rawan's sister has already did a lovely breakfast, I can feel the amazing smell. But before we are going to eat breakfast, we don't have forget to blog and talk to our readers! 

Today's plans are really tight, because it's our last day here in New York and tomorrow we are going to Miami. After we have eat breakfast we are going to a shopping center, and we have heard that New York is a girl's favourite city! I mean, we girls love shopping and clothes, so this is the right thing for us! I and Rawan are in love with clothes, shoes, makeup and yeah.. That's means that shopping is our favorite hobby ;)
Rawan's sister know many places (haha she's a shoppaholic too...) but she recomended Destiny USA, a shopping center which has over 200 stores, one of the stores is our favorite store Forever 21, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch etc...
We have also booked 3 tickets to the 3 hour long boat trip with buffet later in the evening (19.00) we have heard that it's a great experiance, we dont have forget the amazing buildings here in New York (Empire State Buildings, Statue of Liberty etc, Times Square). This boat trip are going to show us the buildings, and after that we our plans is to go to Times Square, because it's much more beautiful in the night. Now, we have to get ready for the shopping and also bring a lot of money with us, lol. Talk to you guys later!

This is a picture from the night club we were at!


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